Izanami & Izanagi Descend From Heaven to Onogorojima

Izanami & Izanagi Descend From Heaven to Onogorojima

 A myth is an image in terms of which we try to make sense of the world.  

~Alan Watts

The role of the artist is to reflect the myriad forms of the human soul and the greatest tool for this- even above paper and pencil- is mythology, the language of symbols. Without this, we open our mouths but cannot speak. Without this, the marks that we make have no meaning. Without, the photos we take cannot capture our hearts.

Mythology, both overt and implicit, is central to my work. Photography and digital design are the means by which I capture and manipulate images, refining them from raw ingredients into a poetry of visual symbols. The keys to understanding these symbols sleep within our hearts, sown there not only from our individual experiences, but by those of our ancestors and of all mankind.

I am an artist, photographer, printmaker and digital media content creator. The three primary factors that drive my work are:

• An insatiable curiosity,
• A continuing sense of wonder, and
• An appreciation of beauty in the world around us, both seen and unseen.

The images I create of Mythology and narrative play an important role in my “Dreamscapes”- sequences of digitally juxtaposed images. Many of my images are narrative or have an implicit story.  In the absence of a stated narrative, the viewer will insert his or her own assumed narrative based on their own context. In open ended imagery implicit narrative tendency is ideal. However, sequential images require a more directed contextual approach to deliver a specific message. Photographs in particular should inspire us with beauty, show us something we have not seen before and inform us about something we do not know.

~S. Jay Tomioka